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Who needs acupuncture?

I often find myself chatting about acupuncture in random settings like a supermarket queue or in my local coffee shop. Most people tell me that they are intrigued about acupuncture and they would like to try it, but what does it work for?

The answer is that acupuncture can help with a very wide range of conditions, but of course this sounds vague and who wants to read a bunch of research papers anyway?

I find it easier to talk about my own experience: I first tried acupuncture for a torn hamstring insertion (a common yoga injury). When my acupuncturist took my health history, I mentioned how I had always suffered from painful periods, and she said she could also treat me for that.

I soon started feeling much better and as I had noticed how relaxed I felt after every treatment and I was working under a lot of stress in the City, I decided I would get regular treatments (every three weeks worked well for me).

When I have a new patient, we always discuss his/her/their concerns and I come up with a treatment plan. I give an estimation of the number of treatments needed, as I find that sometimes people feel better after the first treatment, don’t come back but later on their symptoms resume. It is a bit like not completing a course of antibiotics! But I aim to see a significant improvement in 4 to 6 treatments and from there on, some people are happy to go into maintenance mode (eg monthly) and some people come back on an “as needed” basis. I am happiest when the patients don’t need to come back after their course of treatments, as that means I have done a good job!

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