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Acupuncture for PCOS

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work.

The 3 main features of PCOS are:

  • Irregular periods, which means your ovaries do not regularly release eggs (ovulation)
  • excess androgen – high levels of “male” hormones in your body, which may cause physical signs such as excess facial or body hair
  • polycystic ovaries – your ovaries become enlarged and contain many fluid-filled sacs (follicles) that surround the eggs (but despite the name, you do not actually have cysts if you have PCOS)

(Source: NHS page for PCOS)

How does PCOS affect my fertility?

Women living with PCOS might find it difficult to get pregnant as their irregular periods will make it difficult to know when they are ovulating, as PCOS is the most common cause of anovulation (failure to ovulate).

How can acupuncture help me get pregnant?

Acupuncture can help regulate menstrual periods by stimulating the nervous system and causing the release of neurochemical molecules. For PCOS, I like to see women once a week for three months to regulate their periods before they start trying to conceive, although many women choose to start trying from the beginning of the treatment.

Ideally, I will see them on days 7, 14 and 21 of their menstrual cycle. On day 7 I will focus the treatment on follicle growth, on dat 14 I will focus the treatment on triggering ovulation and on day 21 the focus will be growth of the endometrial lining and implantation.

Many women, on finding that they are pregnant, then choose to continue having acupuncture treatments as acupuncture can help with the tiredness and nausea of the first trimester, and any anxiety there might be. Acupuncture is very safe during pregnancy!

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