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What happens during an acupuncture session?

Many people are curious about acupuncture but a bit apprehensive, not having tried it before. In this post I am aiming to give you a feeling for what happens during an acupuncture session.

First of all, I will take your health history if this is your first appointment. It is important for me to have a full picture of your health throughout your life (for example, if you are a woman with very heavy periods, this is important for me to know) and any medication you might be on.

Then we will discuss your health concerns. Be it back or shoulder pain, fertility, anxiety or insomnia, I am always aiming to help you. If this is your first appointment, we will discuss what the treatment plan to be and an estimation of how many appointments might be needed and when we will review your progress.

The most comfortable clothes to wear for an acupuncture sessions are loose clothes that can be pulled up if, for example, I want to put a needle below your knees. If I need access to your back, I might ask you to remove your top and will provide you with towels for privacy.

Then you will lie on the treatment couch, which has been cleaned in between patients and will have fresh couch roll on it. I always use pre-sterilised needles that are single use, this means after I take the needles out they will go into a sharps container that will get disposed of by a specialist company once it is full.

Inserting the needles should NOT hurt, if it hurts I’m doing it wrong! You might feel a slight sensation, which sometimes can travel through the body. I always talk to my patient and let them know where I am going to put the needle and walk them through the experience to make it as comfortable as possible for them.

Once the needles are in, I will dim the lights, put some music on and you get to relax for approximately 25 minutes. I usually stay in the room quietly writing my treatment notes just in case you need me (those nose itches can be rather uncomfortable!).

When the treatment is done, I will take the needles out and that is it!

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