Vanessa is amazing. I started seeing her after a recommendation from a friend for treatment for my c-section scar. After just one session the scar was already moving better with less swelling and numbness! Who knew acupuncture could have these effects?! Vanessa is very, very intuitive and I’m continuously learning from her. Each session is very relaxing; we start with a chat on how I’m feeling, Vanessa examines my pulse and scar and asks a few follow up questions, and then it’s time for the needles to go in. I’ve had acupuncture at a few places and the experience with Vanessa is by far the best. Her office is very clean and calming, the temperature is comfortable, and after placing the needles she turns on relaxing music and stays with you in the room for the duration of the treatment. I found this very reassuring! After 4 treatments my scar is in a much better place, but I will definitely make a point to continue to see Vanessa.

Would you like to discuss how acupuncture can help your scar?

I am happy to discuss your case and expand on my experience treating scars.

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